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release your passion

Holding tight will make me blush

When passion blossom into scented flowers
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Fan-fictions from all over the place; my place!
Passion for writing has never stopped and I doubt it will, because not only creative writing is a challenge, but also a let out that has always provided me with something wonderful, and I always find myself eager to satisfy it in every way possible! .

To Be Or Not To Be.... A concept that lots of people struggle to face on a daily basis, but for me I always tend to be who I want to be, and whom my inner bunny smiles upon, because I don't like to fake the real me! .


This community is now holds_ will be holding_all my fictions...no private life in here since I'm keeping them privately at my now personal journal...Feel free to join this community, keep supporting me since I improved a lot since the first time all because of you my dear readers and sweet friends.

you can find me @twitter by the name : Mesu87foxchan


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A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.
-- Arnold H. Glasow